Note: Once you have decided to share your home with a new pet, consider getting an adult animal from a local shelter. There are many homeless dogs and cats that need a home. If you must buy a puppy or kitten be sure to buy direct from a breeder and not from a broker. Always ask for a reference including the animal's veterinarian and vet records (this will also help establish rightful ownership). Generally, if you know the breeder, they will ensure that you are getting a properly bred and cared-for animal. Things to look for: meet the mother, father and siblings and view the animal interacting with them; is there a contract that gives you rights of return if problems develop?; has the animal been dewormed, had its shots and seen a vet? And when the time comes, please spay or neuter your pet. If you have real concerns about an animal or breeder, contact your local Humane Society. Most have an anonymous tips line.

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    Christina Lake

    Kitty (do not know sex or if fixed) is a stray who came to my place. Kitty is an outdoor cat and makes no attempt to go indoors. ...

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    Posted: January 27, 2014 

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