Car seats made prior to January 2011, regardless of expiry date, cannot be sold or passed on to another user. For car seats manufactured in 2011, the seller must contact the manufacturer to determine the seat's compliance to car safety regulations.

For extra vigilance, only ad listings that include the manufacture date, expiry date and confirm that the seller has contacted the manufacturer will be allowed on our sites.

When you inspect the car seat in person, do not purchase it if it does not have the following information visible:
  • A National Safety Mark
  • Visible date of manufacture
  • Name and address of manufacturer, importer or retailer
  • Visible model make and number
  • Visible statement of height and weight range for user
  • Visible warning statement in English and French
  • Visible instructions in English and French - this could be an instructional sticker or an instruction manual

Do not purchase a car seat that has been in a collision, has been recalled, is missing any pieces or has been altered in any way. For further information, visit Transport Canada website or call Health Canada, 1-866-662-0666.

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