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All categories Kootenay
DougM (3)
Mini PC thumbnail image
Compact AMD PC used for music, movies, general web surfing and Windows apps. Three years old, Windows 10 Home, AMD Athlon Quad core, 16gig DDR3 ram, E...
Ad Id:40293309
Posted:September 1, 2023
Mav Drone thumbnail image
DJI Air2 Drone, Smart controller, screen protector and Flymore kit. With Care replacement package. 6 months old. Same as this
Ad Id:39960223
Posted:February 26, 2023
Bluetooth Earbuds thumbnail image
Excellent headphones in all things. Unfortunately I have physically sensitive ears and can't wear them. Used once for 20 minutes. Case is also a charg...
Ad Id:40320227
Posted:September 16, 2023
DougM profile image
Douglas Morse